Friday, October 23, 2009


This time of the year is full of wonder God. The trees are shedding their summer beauty for the stark vision of their winter forms. The flowers are soon to be gone completely, and even the latest bloomers will be only a memory. The sun is still shining and we still feel its warmth, but the air is crisper and colder - and we know the long days of darkness are soon upon us.

I love the seasons God. I love watching as your creation continues its dance with the sun and the moon and all the other glorious pieces of your wonderful universe. I praise you for your constancy and your faithfulness, that we can go to sleep at night knowing that the sun will again make its appearance in the morning and life will go on.

Thank you God for the autumn. Thank you for the beauty that surrounds us and reminds us of your love and your perfect plan. Thank you God for life.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


It's October God and I glory in your creation every year in October! From the beautiful weather to the sights and sounds of the season, I love this month. I find my days filled with praise as I revel in my surroundings and appreciate my full life.

There are disappointments in life, Lord. Sometimes the days are difficult and long and the nights are even longer. But God, there is also joy in this world and, if we care to see it, beauty everywhere. October is your radiance on earth and a gift to your children. From the smallest yellow gourd to the largest red maple tree a rainbow of color greets us wherever we look. And we see the cycle of life in front of us as the leaves begin to cover the ground and the skies turn grayer and the air colder.

Your world is beautiful God. And October is the peak of its beauty.