Thursday, October 28, 2010


Dear God, your ways are mysterious to me and I don't understand them. I think I have things figured out, that my life makes sense, that everything is falling into place, and then it all falls apart. I feel as though I'm finally getting my act together and the curtain rises unexpectedly, catching me unprepared. Life is such a strange experience - exhilarating one minute and confusing the next.

I'm glad that you're in charge Lord, because I don't know which way to turn most of the time. I need your wisdom because on my own I am unable to make decisions and can't find my way through the maze. Thank you for walking with me and helping me find my way. When I lie awake in the early morning hours, unable to sleep because my mind is so full or angst and worry, thank you for reminding me that although I may be confused and unsure of my way, you are not.

Because your mysterious ways are unknown to me, but they are my comfort.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Oh God, how your children must grieve you! How sad that your people cannot work together in peace, but allow the enemy to use them to tear your church apart, to demoralize their brothers and sisters, and to stand in the way of your work. How your children must grieve you.

Lord save us from ourselves. Show us your way and help us overcome the enemy, working together to move forward with your message of love. Help us to reflect you to the world and reach out to those who need you.

Oh God please help us to overcome the challenges of dealing with our people.

Oh God, how your children must grieve you!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good day

Today it's so good to be alive, God. It's a beautiful day and life is good.

But I'm especially grateful, Lord, that every day is a good day to be alive. Because every day has become a gift to me after so many years of taking them for granted. Every day I can get out of bed and make a contribution to the wold makes me thankful. I will never again fail to see how lucky I am to be alive.

When it rains I'm grateful for the gift of water for the earth. When it snows I'll look out over the beautiful winter blanket and think about how beneath it all are the roots of sleeping plants preparing for the earth to warm up. And I'll be grateful for a day to sit inside and enjoy the comfort of a warm house. When the spring awakens the crocuses and daffodils I'll rejoice in the beauty coming out of the ground. And when the sun is so warm we need to escape it, I'll be thanking you for the joy of living near the ocean. I've learned to find the blessing is everything and I thank you for that Lord.

Today it's a good day to be alive, Lord.