Monday, November 7, 2011


God, my heart is aching for a friend in trouble. She came to me today with tears in her eyes and a breaking heart because of the bad news she had received from the doctor. Her spirit is broken and her soul is searching for comfort. And peace. And I'm striving to help her.

I can hold her Lord, I can be your arms around her but I cannot touch her heart - only you can do that. I'm coming to you on my knees God, asking you to reach out to her and make her aware of your presense. May she feel you surrounding her with your love and know your grace and comfort.

Dear God my friend needs you now. Needs you always. Especially now. And I need you too Lord. Fill us both with your love. Please.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Lord there are times I just can't get myself motivated.

I don't take my life for granted God, and I'm not a lazy person. So then why are there days when I just feel as though I don't want to do anything? How can I feel so "unmotivated" and not want to do more than write all day, or read a book, or do mostly nothing?

Maybe I just need to channel those feelings, is that it Lord? Should I spend my day reading significant things, delving into the scriptures, looking at books about how I can better serve you or improve my spiritual walk. Perhaps I should make those lazy days into "self-examination" days and spend time meditating on important things. I can pray more, study more, think more.

Maybe the times when I'm feeling the least motivated are the times you want me to sit and do nothing. Maybe you're trying to tell me that its just as important to rest mind and body as it is to accomplish things. Maybe...just maybe you're motivating me to make use of my lack of motivation. Hummmm.....I may be onto something here.

Thank you Lord!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A new day

The cool fresh air is coming in my windows and September is enveloping me with its glory. Thank you God for the change of seasons!

I love the cooler days and nights of September and I've grown weary of the heat and humidity of August. I welcome the change and look forward to another season with anticipation, planning for the holidays and recharging my batteries. It's been a wonderful summer God and life is good. I am blessed to be enjoying it with renewed enthusiasm and an appreciation for life I never had before. I feel so content just to be here, and just to be alive.

Thank you for bringing me to this place of contentment and joy. And thank you for the beauty of September, Lord. Each day is going to be a really good one!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Dear God sometimes life seems so unfair! A young person cut down in the prime of their life - 47 years old - vital, alive, talented, beautiful. Why Lord?

There are so many questions in life Lord. Sometimes - like now - they keep me awake at night and I struggle to understand the reasons. But I know we will never understand the reasons and are left to trust and live in faith. We cannot possibly know why and we will never be able to see your plan as long as we are tethered to this earth and our own human minds.

Someday I look forward to having some answers. Some day I look forward to communing with you and knowing that all is well. Sometimes the questions are so hard to get beyond. But I lean on the understanding that you are a loving God and you are in control.

Thank you for that God.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


My head is in turmoil Lord. Not my heart - my heart is content in the knowledge of your love; not my soul - my soul is at peace. But dear God my mind is in a hard place and I long for your touch.

Sometimes life is so hard and we feel so alone in the world. Even knowing your love and concern for us isn't enough because we fear the unknown: our fragile hearts break with pain and our earthly bodies deteriorate with age. We hurt and we ache and we grieve. But we still know the joy of the Lord. It's a dichotomy and a puzzle.

God I pray for a mind at ease with my life on earth and a soul that can continue to know peace in the midst of the storm. The storms are here Lord. I'm looking for shelter - I need to come into port.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Dear God its after one in the morning and I'm wide awake. My mind is troubled with things you understand Lord and I lay then at your feet because they're too heavy a burden for me to carry. Take it God. Please give me that peace that I've found in your presence so many times before. Allow my mind to rest and let you take over. Dear God I need to sleep.

I feel the enemy at work God. I've lost my armor and I'm too vulnerable. I can't withstand the slings and arrows alone. I will not survive.

Thank you God for the promise of your presence. I know you are here even when I cannot feel you. I am ready to rest in you. Please let me rest in you.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


The rain is falling softly this morning Lord and it reminds me of the way you speak to me in the quiet hours: no shouting, no pleading, just a gentle, soft voice telling me what I need to hear. I love to listen to you Lord and I welcome your voice. Sometimes I know I'm too distracted to stop and listen.

This rain is so quiet as it waters the ground, bringing life and color to the world around me. So your voice brings life and color to my life - if I listen, if I respond, and I know I'll be better for it. I may need to change the way I'm doing something, or the way I'm treating someone. Or perhaps I need to change the direction in my life or in my thoughts. I may be forgetting something that I should remember. Whatever it is God, I'm grateful for your reminders.

I ask God that you never stop speaking to me, even though sometimes it seems as though I'm not listening. Just as this soft, quiet, gentle rain is working miracles, so are miracles done in my life everytime I bother to listen. Thank you for never giving up on me.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring again

Oh God how amazing is the Spring! Every year it renews my wonder when I see the bulbs coming up and flowering, the trees budding and bursting forth, and the grass greening up every day. It's such a perfect showing of renewal and hope, of joy and wonder, of new life appearing in every direction.

Your world is glorious Lord. Thank you for making it the beautiful place that it is. And thank you for the blessing we find in the seasons, each following the other, one more wondrous than the other. Our hearts rise upwards with gratitude and we luxuriate in your grace.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Dear God I am rejoicing in your creation and enjoying the world! The sun is shining, the birds have begun to sing in the morning once again, and the air is teasing us with the promise of Spring. Change is in the air and its invigorating, it makes us smile, and it gives us something to look forward to.

Your world is so full of promise Lord and we are grateful for that. We look forward to the seasons, to the gifts of the ground and the beautiful blue sky, the stars in the night and the light of a full mooon - there is so much to celebrate! And now, as spring approaches once again, we glory in your wonderful world as we see it come back to life, green grass ready to grow, flowers bursting to bud, trees nearly ready to pop open - its a show for the ages and we get to watch it over and over again, year in and year out, each time with a renewed enthusiasm and joy.

Thank you God for your perfect world.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Dear God, another year is here. I have a brand new calendar, with so many blank pages, ready to be filled with the appointments, the work, the birthdays, the celebrations, and all the other things that make up our daily lives. I will write times and places on those pages, and names and lists and smiley faces as I plan my days and weeks and months for the year. I love the blank pages on a new calendar because it feels as though I have a blank slate to draw on and everything is new - full of promise. A life to be lived.

Thank you God for this new year. Thank you for the chance to start fresh, to make new memories and turn in new directions. Thank you for another chance to make a difference in the world. God give me the wisdom to know how to fill those days and how to keep my priorities in order. And Lord, thank you for this life of mine. May it not be an empty one - but one that is honoring to you.

Dear God, another year is here. As those pages quickly fill, may they be covered with life.