Monday, August 5, 2013


Dear God your people exasperate me! Why is it that people - humans created in your image - can be so toxic? I see them being divisive and evil! I cringe when they cause strife and stress among others. It saddens me when a single one can become the agent for discourse and heartache for many others.

Why is this God? Why are we such horrible creatures? How can beings that are yours, and especially ones who claim your grace, be so? I seek to know Lord. I need your wisdom God. I need to see how we can overcome and prevail. I know....with your strength we can do all things. But why should we have to? Why can't you just keep your children under more control?

Oh well. I suppose we can only look forward to the day that evil is vanquished. I long for it now God, when people are such a discouraging factor in life. Even so Lord, come!