Sunday, July 24, 2011


Dear God sometimes life seems so unfair! A young person cut down in the prime of their life - 47 years old - vital, alive, talented, beautiful. Why Lord?

There are so many questions in life Lord. Sometimes - like now - they keep me awake at night and I struggle to understand the reasons. But I know we will never understand the reasons and are left to trust and live in faith. We cannot possibly know why and we will never be able to see your plan as long as we are tethered to this earth and our own human minds.

Someday I look forward to having some answers. Some day I look forward to communing with you and knowing that all is well. Sometimes the questions are so hard to get beyond. But I lean on the understanding that you are a loving God and you are in control.

Thank you for that God.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


My head is in turmoil Lord. Not my heart - my heart is content in the knowledge of your love; not my soul - my soul is at peace. But dear God my mind is in a hard place and I long for your touch.

Sometimes life is so hard and we feel so alone in the world. Even knowing your love and concern for us isn't enough because we fear the unknown: our fragile hearts break with pain and our earthly bodies deteriorate with age. We hurt and we ache and we grieve. But we still know the joy of the Lord. It's a dichotomy and a puzzle.

God I pray for a mind at ease with my life on earth and a soul that can continue to know peace in the midst of the storm. The storms are here Lord. I'm looking for shelter - I need to come into port.