Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Earth love

I am so in love with your creation God. This earth, our home, continues to define the word "awe" for me and I never fail to gasp a little when I come upon some of the beauty all around me.

This season is especially beautiful. The recent full moon, coming up as though out of the ocean as brightly orange colored as though it had been a piece of fruit, moving almost fast enough for the naked eye to observe, and then showing all its glory as it shone bright white in the night sky, sending glittery reflections across the water in a shimmer of diamond dust.

And today, this early morning as the sun rose and the air felt crisp and clean, I watched in amazement as the light crept across the open field and turned the dawn into the day.

This may only be my temporary home Lord, but I am grateful that you have made it as perfect and lovely as possible. I can only imagine what you have in store for the second act!