Monday, November 11, 2013


Sometimes the most difficult times are the ones where we have no choices. Lord, what do we do when there's nothing to be done?

Watching people die, seeing loved ones suffer, observing things that can only turn out badly - God how  are we supposed to help? What are we supposed to do when there is nothing to do?

I think it's those times that are the most frustrating God. I want to help. I want to intervene. I want to say the right thing. And I can't do anything.

Dear God help me to deal with not being able to deal.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Beauty all around

There is something about the autumn God. There is something about the beauty in the leaves and the crisp fresh air. I feel renewed and I feel alive in the autumn.

How is it that you created a world where death can be so beautiful? I think this was a not-so-well hidden message, wasn't it Lord? We are people who need visual lessons and we need to see things in ways we can comprehend. Perhaps that death can be beautiful and is not the end, but only a process leading to a new beginning.  I see it in the fall God. And your creation tells the story.

Everywhere I look you are God. In the golds, reds, and yellows of the leaves. And in the glory of the season where we prepare for the dark and cold of winter, only to re-emerge in the joy of another spring.

Your creation teaches us if only we are willing to learn from it.

Friday, October 25, 2013


"Be at peace with all men". That's something my mother used to quote from the Bible all the time. So I have tried to live that God. And I wonder, how is it exactly we're supposed to do that?

I mean, we can do all the good things in the world, and one person can come along and lie about you, or try to cheat you, or do any one of a number of things....none of which are how are we supposed to keep peace with them exactly? How is it possible to keep peace with someone who wants to be at war?

Its an age old dilemma. Some people want war. Some people don't want to be at peace with anyone. And we're told to be at peace with them.

Some things are really hard to understand God...

Monday, August 5, 2013


Dear God your people exasperate me! Why is it that people - humans created in your image - can be so toxic? I see them being divisive and evil! I cringe when they cause strife and stress among others. It saddens me when a single one can become the agent for discourse and heartache for many others.

Why is this God? Why are we such horrible creatures? How can beings that are yours, and especially ones who claim your grace, be so? I seek to know Lord. I need your wisdom God. I need to see how we can overcome and prevail. I know....with your strength we can do all things. But why should we have to? Why can't you just keep your children under more control?

Oh well. I suppose we can only look forward to the day that evil is vanquished. I long for it now God, when people are such a discouraging factor in life. Even so Lord, come!