Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Lord there are times I just can't get myself motivated.

I don't take my life for granted God, and I'm not a lazy person. So then why are there days when I just feel as though I don't want to do anything? How can I feel so "unmotivated" and not want to do more than write all day, or read a book, or do mostly nothing?

Maybe I just need to channel those feelings, is that it Lord? Should I spend my day reading significant things, delving into the scriptures, looking at books about how I can better serve you or improve my spiritual walk. Perhaps I should make those lazy days into "self-examination" days and spend time meditating on important things. I can pray more, study more, think more.

Maybe the times when I'm feeling the least motivated are the times you want me to sit and do nothing. Maybe you're trying to tell me that its just as important to rest mind and body as it is to accomplish things. Maybe...just maybe you're motivating me to make use of my lack of motivation. Hummmm.....I may be onto something here.

Thank you Lord!