Wednesday, November 24, 2010


In this, the season of gratitude, Lord I am especially thankful.

For the people I love, for a year of good health, for a home and family, I'm thankful. For the confidence I have that you are walking along with me every step of the way in my life, I'm thankful. For your love and acceptance, no matter how unlovable I am Lord, I'm thankful.

Dear God I am thankful for so many things that they are too numerous to mention. My heart is full of gratitude and for all my many blessings, for my life, and for your love, I thank you. Because all things come from you.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I walked two miles at dawn this morning God. I saw your beautiful earth waking from its slumber and the start of a new day. I walked fast, and I could feel my muscles tire, my lungs gasping for air, and my feet wanting to rest. I was grateful for the pain and I rejoiced in that walk, God. Because a year ago it would not have been possible.

God I'm so grateful for my life. I thank you for this past year and all that I've learned in it. I'm so full of appreciation for every single day, for every single step, for the ability to push my body to its absolute limits and feel it burn with exhaustion. I came home from my morning walk and sat in my living room, praising you for the gift that is my life. And asking forgiveness for the years I took it all for granted: my life, my health, my many blessings.

Thank you Lord for all of it. Thank you for the fatigue of a long, busy day and the ache of well used muscles. Thank you for this flawed, unattractive body that I have never loved. Forgive me for that! And Lord may I use this body now for your glory - every day, in every way. Forgive me when I don't feed it properly or exercise it to keep it in the best shape possible.

And Lord, may I never take for granted a day when I can walk quickly for two miles and wear myself out. It's a wonderful thing!